About Us

IBSTec. was founded in 2004. Our rich history, solid traditions, innovative approach toward clients’ task implementation and sincere concern about your business are the main keys to our success. Those characteristics led us to grow and progress dynamically, constantly expanding the range of our services and raising their quality.

Since 2004 our company has been working in the international software market, providing custom software design and development as well as system integration services to organisations and private businessmen (mainly from the UK, USA and Western Europe). Currently our customers are based in more than 10 countries.  We have completed more than 2600 international projects with the per-project effort up to 320 man-years / 645, 000 man-hours, including a number of large-scale and extra-large projects (up to decades of man-years). The majority of projects completed by IBSTec have resulted in repeat orders due to our responsible and fanatic aspiration to meet our commitments to customers. We are trusted by companies with an annual turnover running into billions dollars.

IBSTec has extensive staff, with experts in different IT domains. One of the key points in our HR policy is the provision of exceptional opportunities for professional growth and self-actualization.

Our company’s success is based on a trusting collaboration with customers, a system approach to any kind of productive activity, rich experience and deep expertise in modern IT. We endeavour to work so that each customer, regardless of order size, becomes our long-term client.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create software products that anticipate our clients’ desires, facilitate their business and give them pleasure in entertaining.

Our Values

Innovative Approach: We built our innovative approach into our company slogan because we dare to take complicated tasks that have no analogues and demand novel solutions. IBSTec is a team of professionals who are persistent in our search for the most creative approach. We show flexibility in our work and always deliver reliable results.

High Quality: We do not offer only cheap solutions, but we do offer quality solutions. The main advantage of our company is our team of talented and highly motivated professionals integrated by an effective system of internal quality management and communication that corresponds to CMMI Level 3. Due to these strengths, the output we deliver satisfies the highest international standards.

Business Reliability: We believe that our success is always connected with the business success of our customers. IBSTec has proclaimed transparency, integrity and privacy in working with our clients. We have developed collaboration schemas that provide our clients control over the entire process and give them the capability to influence the final result. Entrusting your IT projects to us is the proven way to protect your investments in IT.

Wide Coverage: We provide packages of IT services that have the most suitable contents, tailored to clients’ needs. Our team can work on the full software development lifecycle or implement a particular part of the project. We can create a dedicated, ready-to-work project team of experts with the required skills for successful development of the product. And finally, we have the equipment, resources, software and skills to fully support your business IT infrastructure

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