Data Connectivity

IBSTec provides an extensive range of high quality data connectivity services including wholesale and resale broadband, Generic Ethernet Access, leased lines, EFM and IP VPNs as well as hosting and colocation services and also transit. Our services meet business customers’ increasing demand for a reliable, scalable and flexible communications platform, whether they’re a small, medium or enterprise sized organisation with multiple sites or a single office.

All of our data services are delivered via our resilient national MPLS next generation network which stretches the length of the UK, from Glasgow and Edinburgh to multiple London locations and beyond to Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and Amsterdam (AMSIX & NL-ix) and facilitates circuits up to 10Gbps. Our network is monitored and maintained 24/7 by our NOC (Network Operations Centre) while all of our services are fully supported 24/7 by our experienced UK based technical support


IBSTec partners with both wholesale customers who want to create their own broadband proposition and resellers who want the simplicity of selling our ‘ready-made’ resalable packages. Furthermore, within each relationship we provide flexible options.

Wholesale Broadband

IBSTec’s Wholesale Carrier Services (EWCS) enables wholesale partners to take fibre broadband and ADSL/ADSL2+ connections via L2TP delivery across our resilient national next generation network (NGN). EWCS represents a true alternative wholesale broadband supply option for customers seeking to develop their own niche in the UK market by taking responsibility for product development, billing and support. Our NGN and broadband strategy means we remain the only non-BT provider to have fully adopted the WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) platforms at all of the key Aggregation Points that form BT’s 21st Century Network (21CN).

IBSTec is able to flexibly and competitively provide its channel Partners with a cost-effective managed wholesale broadband service. Choose from different supply options: easily control forecasting and budget by maintaining a fixed unit cost for bandwidth irrespective of your commit level and paying a highly competitively priced setup and annual management fee; or negate upfront capital expenditure by electing to pay for bandwidth on a sliding scale relative to your commit level. Each option is available as either a managed or unmanaged service.

For more information, view our Wholesale Broadband brochure or Ask us to contact you about our wholesale broadband services.

Resalable Broadband

IBSTec’s ‘ready-made’ broadband portfolio enables resellers to meet business and/or residential customers’ need for fast and reliable connectivity easily and lucratively. Choose from Fibre Optic Broadband (FTTC up to 80Mbps* and FTTP up to 330Mbps**), fixed rate ADSL up to 2Mbps, rate adaptive ADSL up to 8Mbps* and rate adaptive ADSL2+ up to 24Mbps*. Upload and download speeds are of course dependent on the quality of the line and distance from the serving exchange (or cabinet in the case of FTTC).

Our FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) Business packages are available in seven different allowance options from 15GB to 360GB along with an unlimited allowance option, while our six FTTC and FTTP Family package bandwidth allowances range from 30GB to 120GB, also an with unlimited allowance option. IBSTec’s rate adaptive ADSL and ADSL2+ Business broadband packages meet specific business requirements and are available in six monthly bandwidth allowance options from 15GB to 180GB as well as an unlimited allowance. Our ADSL and ADSL2+ Family packages are available in six monthly bandwidth allowance options from just 1GB to 120GB, again with an unlimited allowance also available. Our fixed rate ADSL business packages range from 15GB to 180GB, whilst our family packages range from 1GB to 120GB. Additional bandwidth is available for our non-unlimited broadband packages as top-ups from 10GB to 100GB or charged on a per 1GB basis.

Additionally, where your customers are looking for increased speeds and resilience, we offer bonded broadband solutions. Our bonded broadband solutions are available in a choice of four monthly allowance options ranging from 45GB to 360GB, are available as a managed or unmanaged service and you can choose to bond 2, 3 or 4 fixed rate ADSL or rate adaptive ADSL or ADSL2+ connections.

For more information, view our Broadband brochure or Ask us to contact you about our resalable broadband services.

Improving the Broadband Experience

Several optional features are available to improve levels of service dependent on what customers want to achieve, including (on certain products) Annex M, Elevated Best Efforts and Enhanced Care.

Other Key Benefits for Partners

There are many good reasons to partner with IBSTec for the supply of broadband for your customers. These include:

  • Fully supported – 24/7 UK based technical support
  • Ongoing monthly commission from every ready-made connection
  • Free migrations (except when moving from LLU)
  • Flexible billing and white label options
  • XML ordering script availability
  • Access to synergi, our easy-to-use online management portal

*Actual sync/throughput dependent on line quality and distance from the exchange (cabinet for FTTC).

**Actual throughput may vary as it is dependant upon numerous factors including the capabilities of the content server and network and also of the customer’s internal and supplier network.


IBSTec’s GEA service utilises existing broadband and Ethernet network infrastructures to provide a cost effective yet reliable and fully guaranteed Ethernet based solution.

Similar to FTTC, GEA uses the existing copper infrastructure between the customer’s premises and the cabinet and then fibre from the cabinet to the exchange. However, unlike FTTC their traffic then passes onto an Ethernet network rather than the standard, more contended, broadband network. GEA therefore provides a dedicated and uncontended Ethernet based service with symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps and minimal installation costs and lead times.

For complete peace of mind, GEA is also backed up by a comprehensive SLA, a choice of back up connectivity options and provides a guaranteed 9 business hour return to service in the event of a circuit failure.

What are the benefits of IBSTec’s GEA?

  • Symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps
  • Available in 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20Mbps options
  • Installation in as little as 18 working days
  • Utilises the existing copper and fibre infrastructure to minimise installation costs
  • Comprehensive SLA, choice of back up options and 9 business hour return to service guarantee
  • Uncontended connection
  • Supports Virtual Private Networks & Voice over IP

IBSTec provides a range of EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) circuit options to help businesses balance demand for resilient and synchronous bandwidth with cost effective investment and peace of mind.

Our EFM solutions use between two and eight copper pairs to deliver synchronous Ethernet speeds from 2Mbps to 35Mbps to ideally serve businesses situated within 4.8km of the serving exchange. The distance between premises and serving exchange and also the bandwidth requirement determines the number of copper pairs to be used, with installation from as little as 22 working days. Our EFM solutions include backup options, receive 24/7 UK based technical support and guarantee a return to service within 9 business hours in the unlikely event of a circuit failure.

EFM takes business broadband to the next level as it enables the support of IP VPNs and VoIP as well as hosted cloud services, yet remains a cost effective alternative to leased lines together with the added benefit of shorter installation times.

What are the benefits of IBSTec’s Ethernet First Mile?

  • Symmetrical speeds up to 35Mbps
  • Installation from as little as 22 days
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Supports Virtual Private Networks & Voice over IP
  • Lower costs than a leased line
  • Guaranteed 9 business hour return of service
  • A choice of backup options
 Leased Lines

To meet business demand for high speed, high bandwidth connectivity solutions, IBSTec provides a diversity of options based on Leased Lines, Ethernet, Generic Ethernet Access and Ethernet First Mile circuit provision.

Available at symmetrical speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps, our Leased Line and Ethernet circuits provide high performance connections for carrying voice, data & Internet access. Each solution has a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a choice of backup options including ADSL2+ and ADSL.

To meet future growth requirements, our dedicated Leased Lines and Ethernet services are scalable above 2Mbps, with the ability to increase the initial bandwidth requirement easily and quickly as business demands dictate. Customers can have confidence knowing we provide fully managed Cisco hardware as standard and provide 24/7 UK based technical support. Furthermore, the national footprint of our resilient national MPLS network means our likely close proximity to customer sites allows for the delivery of a highly cost effective solution.

What are the benefits of Leased Lines from IBSTec?

  • 100% Service Level Agreement
  • Up to 10Gbps Ethernet
  • Managed Cisco router as standard
  • Uncontended connection
  • Symmetric bandwidth
  • Copper/dual fibre options
  • Supports Virtual Private Networks & Voice over IP

IBSTec’s IP VPN (or PWAN) solutions create secure connections between multiple sites and remote workers and often use differing access technologies, for example a high speed 100Mbps or 1Gbps Ethernet circuit at a customer’s head office and leased line connection speeds of 2Mbps to 10Mbps at regional offices, with smaller sites using broadband variants as their main connection.

Our national network and diverse service portfolio provides the perfect platform for delivering highly effective private networks. In addition to the inherent resiliency within our MPLS core, further resiliency is added to Ethernet connections as standard using ADSL as a backup connection, with an on-site Cisco router providing automatic change-over in the event of a main access failure. Additional Ethernet circuits from separate IBSTec carriers can be used to provide backup to key sites where critical. Dual IPVPN and dual firewall resiliency options are also available.

Our solutions deliver further flexibility including centralised Internet access with firewall-to-firewall VPN tunnelling between users; QoS for voice traffic delivery and prioritisation by traffic type such as video.

We place great importance on securing all elements of the IP VPN service, both technical and physical. Our 38 MPLS nodes are in highly secure locations – our own data centres, BT exchanges or other data centres, all of which have high levels of physical security. IBSTec’s main site is protected 24/7 both by physical guard and a controlled access system and extensive internal monitoring using IP CCTV. Access to the main building area is controlled by an electronic access system. Once inside, entry to any of IBSTec’s data centres is controlled by a further independent system.

All IBSTec IP VPN solutions are tailor made to meet each customer’s specific requirements, with our experienced pre-sales consultants available to help you design, cost and implement a complete connectivity solution, whether managed and unmanaged.


IBSTec provides colocation facilities at its Telford headquarters and also in London and Slough (Equinix LD5). At our headquarters we maintain three bespoke data center floors with air conditioning and overhead cable management. Security of access and power provision is assured through rigorous measures. 24/7 guard patrols, CCTV and multi-point controlled access in the building and each data center floor protect access, while UPS power backup and dual 900kVA diesel generators with automatic failover ensure power continuity in the event of an area-wide power outage.

Colocation is available in half and full-rack options. In our Telford data center floors 5A nominal per cabinet is provided as standard (increasable to 8A or 10A) while in London up to 16A per rack is available. With customers responsible for supplying and maintaining their hardware, IBSTec’s Network Operations Centre team monitors the data floors and network 24/7.

Our Colocation facilities in Slough (Equinix LD5) offer full racks up to 16Amps of power with three levels of security including physical, human and electronic. These utilise mantraps, full height turnstiles, 24/7 security guards, Photo ID, biometrics, intruder alarms and digital recorded CCTV. An onsite power feed of 40MVA (33kV) and a 44MVA generator supply in N+1 configuration with an automatic 20 second failover time is available in the event of a local area power failure. Fire safety measures include a two stage fire detection using light scattering analysis and optical and ionization detection, whilst fire suppression is accrued out via Nitrogen propelled cold steam system with localised zone control.


IBSTec provides full and partial IP transit services to ISPs seeking to cost effectively control their data traffic distribution costs. Thanks to the number of peering agreements we maintain with other networks we are able to provide the fastest route possible across UK and European-wide networks.

Full transit takes advantage of these peering relationships and additionally provides transit across tier 1 connections without the need to meet the high costs of such connection relationships. Partial transit equally capitalises on IBSTec’s peering relationships but does not provide transit access to tier 1 connections.

In addition to working with peering partners to ensure a resilient connection, our network is distributed over multiple diverse locations and uses only Cisco hardware, distributing the routing across multiple 10Gbps upstream and peering connections

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