Within IBSTec’s reliable, high quality traditional telecoms services we provide line rental (PSTN and ISDNs) and marketing numbers (03, 08 and 09) at competitive rates. As an IBSTec partner you can resell these services on a standalone basis or as part of a combined voice and data connectivity solution (e.g. the underlying phone line for calls and broadband; or as a backup for VoIP connections).

Furthermore, you can earn competitive ongoing monthly commissions from all line rental services and from marketing numbers where applicable.

IBSTec partners with tier 1 networks to ensure complete confidence in the quality and reliability of your voice services. Our services are also fully supported by our 24/7 UK based technical support department.

 Line Rental

IBSTec’s portfolio includes wholesale line rental (WLR3) for BT PSTN and ISDN lines, enabling you to provide customers with high quality, reliable BT lines at competitive prices for voice calls and/or broadband. If you already provide a customer’s broadband service, securing their line rental business as well further cements your customer relationship. Even where your customers already have their lines installed by BT Retail or any other BT Wholesale based service provider, you can still transfer those existing lines to us and continue to benefit from the revenue they generate in terms of the rental and the calls made on them. With just a 30 day cancellation period and no minimum contract terms, they provide a recurring monthly commission for the life of the connection. Flexible billing options allow for white label branding while a choice of 3 line care options for faults and maintenance are also available. IBSTec PSTN and ISDN lines are maintained by BT Openreach.

PSTN (Public Services Telephone Network)

As cost effective telephony solutions our analogue PSTN lines are available in residential, business single and business multi-line options. A host of Select services are also available dependent on line type including caller ID display, 1571 messaging, call divert and many more.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

Our ISDN lines provide simultaneous inbound/outbound calling capability and are completely flexible, easily accommodating the growth and changing requirements of a customer’s organisation. We offer both ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines, with each ISDN30 requiring a minimum order of 8 channels up to 30. ISDN features include call line identity presentation, admin call forwarding and more.

Marketing Numbers

Entanet’s portfolio of non-geographic ‘marketing numbers’ enables channel partners to boost income through call share revenue or call charges. Our 03xx, 0844, 0845, 0871, 0800 and 090x numbers can create a national or unified presence regardless of the size of your customers’ business. They can also be used to track the success of specific marketing campaigns. They carry just a 30 day cancellation period and no minimum contract terms.


0800 numbers are known as ‘Freephone’ numbers and are free to call. However, the owner of the number incurs a charge for each call received.


The owner of the number is neither charged for the call nor receives any revenue.


The caller is charged at standard landline (01/02) rates while the number owner also incurs a charge for calls received.


Known as Lo-call rates. The caller is charged 3p to 5p per minute while the number owner also incurs a charge.


Known as National Fixed Rate numbers. The caller pays 10p per minute while the number owner earns a rebate on every call.


Premium Rate numbers on which the number owner can set the amount the caller is charged, from 15p to 150p per minute. 090x numbers are regulated by ICSTIS (Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of the Telephone Information Service).

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